UC Berkeley football stadium

Wired Magazine needed an animation for their iPad edition that explained how UC Berkeley was going to retrofit their football stadium. The stadium was literally built on top of a faultline, and the university decided to reftrofit the stadium with technology that could deal with an earthquake and have the structure stay intact.



The most important part of this project was getting the correct information from the architects and contractors. Everything in the animation would be based on these drawings and schematics. The art directors knew what he wanted to highlight in terms of the retrofit, and left it up to me to figure out how the full animation would work.


Once the models were built, the camera moves needed to be addressed. I was given certain constraints by Wired: Size needed to be square, because they wanted to use the same asset for both the vertical and horizontal version. Also the animation needed to be light in terms of size, as that would effect the overall time, which means it needed to explain everything, as well as be short as possible.


Storyboard of animation

Storyboard of animation



Besides the video showing the fly-over and the details of the retrofit, Wired also needed some stills for the print version of the magazine.